The Flying Samaritans July Clinic took place this last weekend at the Lopez Mateos Clinic.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of planes and volunteers we were not able to staff the Laguna San Isidro Clinic. However, the Lopez Clinic was ably staffed with general medical, pediatric, dental, dental hygienists, optometry, pharmacy  and chiropractic staff.  This resulted in 187 patients served and 60 prescriptions were dispensed.  A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who attended this trip.   July seems to be a time when fewer folks are able to work this trip into their schedule.  Guillermo and his granddaughter, Andrea, provided a delicious lunch.

I also want to take a moment to thank our volunteers on the ground in Baja and that would include Judith who works tirelessly in getting the clinic ready for us and provides information about our arrival to the local populace.  Also Andrea has stepped up to fill Neli’s role in letting folks know in Constitución about our impending arrival, as does Susy in Laguna San Ignacio.

I believe all of us who work behind the scenes are satisfied with our “new beginning.”  We can look back to March when we resumed our clinics after the Covid shutdown for two years.  Volunteers and planes have been at a premium but we put together five clinics and ended our season this month with more patients than any of the previous months.  I hope to see more strongly staffed clinics in the fall.  Speaking of which, our October clinic is scheduled for the 14-16th, November 18-20 and December 16-18.  So, plan ahead and contact your Coordinators.

One other thing, don’t forget to pay your dues unless you have paid in May or later.

Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall.

Bonnie Lassen