To join the Phoenix Chapter of Flying Samaritans, simply submitt the two first forms listed below.
Addionally, Health Professionals are required to fill the Professional Resume form and pilots are required to fill the Pilot and aircraft forms.

You need the Acrobat Reader to open some Forms. It can be downloaded from the Adobe site:



1. Pay using our secure PayPal account
Single Membership - $50.00 Family Membership - $60.00

Become a Flying Samaritan Family. For just ten dollars ($10) more you can add all of your family members who reside within your household to your Flying Samaritans membership. By doing this you will not only help financially support our Chapter, but you will also be ready when one of those special trips come along where you would like to include your family members. Add your family members names to the Membership Information form and write your check for $60 instead of $50.

NO SPECIALTY, BUT WOULD LIKE TO BE A HELPER AT OUR CLINIC? Feeling left out? Don’t have a particular specialty? Take heart! We nearly always need “helpers” for various tasks around the clinic. Using the “CONTACTS” page, contact our Trip Coordinator and share your interest. We want to hear from you!