How can you contribute to The Phoenix Chapter Flying Samaritans?

Flying Samaritans is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. All charitable donations are tax-deductible. Our members donate their personal time, talents and money to travel to Mexico each month to work at the clinic the members have established in Lopez Mateos, BCS Mexico. The “Sams” have absolutely no paid members or officers. Everything donated to the organization goes directly toward helping to care for the special medical needs of the people of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Donate Online Click on the link to use our our easy system for secure on-line donations:


Donate By Mail – Please make all check donations payable to Phoenix Chapter Flying Samaritans.

Please mail donations to:
The Arizona Flying Samaritans Phoenix Chapter
P.O. Box 6804
Chandler, AZ 85246


Each month we spend approximately $500 dollars on meds for our pharmacy and about $250 dollars on dental supplies. This is beyond all that is donated by the providers. We are looking for sponsors for these costs.

Sponsor the meds for a clinic $500.

Sponsor the dental supplies for a clinic $250.

We know that a lot of times people like to have some idea of what their money is being used for and this is the perfect way. We have some wonderful contacts to get great deals so your donation will buy 2 or 3 time more supplies that we could get in the Phoenix area or Mexico.

We love to get checks sent to us as there are no fees. But if you can’t find your check book use Pay Pal while the thought is hot. Can’t swing for one of the sponsor you can still Help us Help by making any kind of a donation, you would be amazed at how much good $20 -$50 or $100 can do to help.

There are so many people that need help beyond the scope of what can be provided to them in the remote areas of Baja where our clinic is located. That means we must do what we can to help with special care at hospitals in larger cities within Mexico or, in a few cases, transport them to the Unites States for specialized surgery. We want to help them all. Of course, that is not financially possible for our small group of volunteers. With your generous help we can make a difference in the lives of a few. All donations to the Flying Samaritans are tax deductible.