Who are We

We are just like you, we want to give something back to our fellow mankind. We are professionals, we are students, we are retired and everything in-between, we do all kind of things in our everyday life. We are kind, adventuresome, brave, timid, family oriented, single, big, little and in-between. The most common denominator is that we all have passports, want to help others and like to travel a little. We are lots of things but normal may not be an adjective used on us very often. We get in small airplanes, fly to Baja, work free and pay our own expenses, including part of the airplane fuel.

In spite of all of our differences, once you have spent a weekend in Baja and experienced the comradery of the other Flying Samaritans (Sams), seen the heartfelt thanks from the people we have helped, you will be hooked. Check out the FAQ to get some answers to the most often asked questions.