October 2017 Trip Report


October clinic - Strong start

There was a catchphrase from an old, cheesy television show “I love it when a plan comes together!” and that certainly applies to our season opening clinics.  (Yes, I said clinics, plural)  We had strong clinics at both Lopez Mateos and Laguna San Ignacio (LSI) - not perfection, but we did very well indeed.  I was the Saturday airplane this trip so it was certainly a fast turn trip for my passengers and me.  As you may know, we can sometimes arrange for an early Saturday morning departure when we need providers that are not able to leave on Friday.  It’s not a trip for the faint of heart. We turned a prop at Stellar at 5:30 AM, got to clinic with the rest of the pack and arrived back at Stellar Sunday on 12:30.  A pretty compressed schedule and you’re left with the feeling that a lot happened in those 31 hours!

At Lopez Mateos we again had help from our Aeromedico friends and were completely dependent on them for triage.  We also had two local dental providers, a dentist and a hygienist.  Check out Alicia’s blog http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/ and you’ll see that we had a high and diverse patient count.  We also had an interesting problem with the dental suction system.  I would work for a while and then quit.  Eventually we determined that the catch tank was filling with liquid and the built in protection was shutting off the suction so liquid wouldn’t be drawn into the vacuum pump.  The next mystery was the source of the liquid.  No way that much was coming from six dental stations!  We finally discovered the problem buried on the north side of the clinic.  There were side by side leaks in the underground hot water line and the suction line.  A little patch work and all was good again.

As for LSI, Bonnie Lassen wrote:  The Laguna San Ignacio clinic was well staffed for the season opener with two dentists, a dental hygienist,  a pilot/autoclave operator and interpreters.  The dental staff saw 22 patients who received much needed cleanings, extractions, fillings, etc.  The doctor saw 18 patients, children and adults, for a variety of issues. 

As usual, our LSI contact, Suzi Rojas, provided orderly lists of patients and a delicious lunch for all of the volunteers.  New signs on all of the doors of the clinic offices provide direction for the doctors and the patients.  The drivers to and from the air strip were right on time for each plane.  Overall, a great start for the season!

The next clinic will be November 17-19 and will be Lopez Mateos only.   We’ve coordinated with our local LSI contact and have mutually decided this would not be a good month for an LSI clinic.  The Baja race coincides with our clinic weekend and that pretty much empties the town.   See you soon!