November 2014 Trip Report


You should always lead with your best headline, right?  Here it is - November  López Mateos Clinic, a Stunning Success! 

First though, I’m request a volunteer, someone to be in charge of non-cash contributions. (This is much classier than my original position title ‘volunteer in charge of stuff’.)   I think we miss opportunities to receive donations of good used medical equipment and supplies because the current group of chapter managers and coordinators just doesn’t have time to pursue opportunities.  Though this person would be mostly writing their own job description, this is what I envision.  The first step, naturally, would be to locate the potential donor; nursing home, medical provider, etc.  I’ve found most donors don’t want their potential offering picked through, they just want it gone, and so our search would be for a donation with a reasonable number of useful items or items that could be sold.  After deciding what to keep, what remains of value would be sold (eBay?) and what’s left would go to salvage.  If you would like to help us, would enjoy building relationships with potential donors, and also enjoy a little horse trading, this may be the volunteer opportunity for you!  If interested please contact me  or 602-809-2209.

Now back to the López Mateos clinic and as the headline proclaimed it was a great success.  This one had all the necessary elements; a full, well balanced group of providers and support staff, great attendance and also no morning fog to delay our start to the clinic day.  As they have at every clinic since last June, the Aeromedicos continue to support us as they wait for their runway at  Cadeje to reopen.  I know it’s not really about the numbers, but hit the link to Alicia’s blog and check out the numbers!  October clinic was a good opening act, but November brought down the house.   The only disappointment was that we did not see the local social worker/physiologist who had volunteer her services.  (You may recall I wrote about that in last month’s clinic report)  I hope she attends future clinics because I know that many of the medical providers have encountered situations where she could be of use. 

It was also good to see the clinic in such good condition, even better than it has been in a while.  Repairs to hurricane caused damage are virtually completed.  Also well under way are repairs to the stucco damage caused by time and the salt air, with only the painting to be completed. There are also improvements including correcting one of my pet peeves.  I work in the electric power industry, so I was not happy with how low the electric service wires passed over the lunch area.  Those wires have been raised and are now less of a hazard. There are also some badly needed new chairs in the patient waiting area.  We owe a lot to the folks in Mexico for getting all this accomplished, including the cannery for donating the labor, and Alicia for securing that donation and coordinating all the work.  We would also like to thank the many who donated money because that was needed to pay for the necessary materials. 

You may also recall that there was an LSI clinic scheduled for November and that was the plan until about a week before clinic weekend.  We made the usual call to make certain things were in order, but the outcome was a surprise. We learned from our local contact that the Baja 1000 off-road event would virtually empty the LSI community, because they would be off camped out along the course to see the race.  This has such a draw on the community that they even close the school.  Not much use in holding a clinic if there are no patients. 

Hotel Serenidad continues to get back in order after the extensive hurricane damage.  The runway was in good condition and the property looks almost as if the hurricane had not happened.  They are even installing very nice upgraded tile in the outdoor entrance to the front desk/restaurant/bar building.  It amazes me that they get hit so hard, so often, by the weather but still come back, maybe even better than before.  In other Mulege news, some went to La Casitas restaurant Friday night and reported it was their first night open since the hurricane.  We also learned that Ray’s has not yet reopened.

The next clinic will be December 19-21.  As of now Lopez Mateos is definitely scheduled and LSI is likely.  It’s close to Christmas but so far we have a good, but not a complete, complement of providers.  As of this writing, we may still be light on interpreters and staffing for triage, so please consider attending if your coordinator sends a request.  December will also include the traditional Friday night Christmas party at Hotel Serenidad, complete with Santa and gifts for the children of the hotel employees.  See you soon!


¡ Viva las clínicas !