November 2018 Trip Report


In addition to two successful clinics, November’s activities also included some much need repair work at both clinics. Last month I reported the failure of the dental compressor at Laguna San Ignacio (LSI), but that has been restored along with the installation of a spare. Over the past few years we have received some high quality dental equipment donated by practices that were being closed.  That spare compressor for LSI was among the acquisitions.


Work at Lopez Mateos included replacing some almost literally hanging by a thread electrical wiring that supplied power to our water pump and sewer lift pump, both critical to clinic operations.  Also, one of benefits of our new relationship with the cannery owners became very evident. (Our López clinic is located on cannery property and they supply the runway, security, powered and water).  While we were at clinic we received a shipment of donated equipment that was collected here in the Valley and included chiropractor tables, a backup for our dental vacuum pump and some dental side chairs. It was impressive that the owners executed the delivery in a few short weeks, free of charge to us, and with virtually no effort on our part after more than a year of trying by our previous methods. This new relationship may be one of the more significant events in many years.


Now back to the main event, the clinics.  Clinic preparations began on Friday with two direct to López airplanes and included a much needed cleaning of the facilities. In accordance with our new practice, it also positioned us to hand out the numbers to waiting patients on Saturday morning at promptly 8am, the appointed time. A cloud free morning cleared the way for the arrival of the remaining crew from Hotel Serenidad and soon the clinic was in full production. Clinic numbers were as follows: General medical -16, Pediatrics -5, Dental hygiene -11, Dental- 21, Optical examinations- 20, Chiropractic- 57, Reading glasses -50, Pharmacy -57,  Sunglasses -55.  

We offered a dentist at LSI who treated eight patients.  This made for a full day because most were reported to be very difficult extractions. There clearly continues to be dental need at this smaller of our two clinics.


Our next clinic will be December 14-16. This may seem a week earlier than normal to some, but occurs when the first day of the month is a Saturday.  Clinic is set as the third Saturday of the month and the need is for consistency in the clinic day, not the day of departure. (Early heads up re April …