May 2017 Trip Report


May can be a bit warm at Mulege/Hotel Serenidad, but Friday and Saturday were really quite pleasant.  We actually had the benefit of a tail wind both flying down on Friday and returning of Sunday.  Both Lopez Mateos and LSI were planned, but we had to cancel LSI because we just didn’t have enough airplane seats to support it.  Occasionally with our all-volunteer group, things just don’t quite come together perfectly.  By this time of year our winter visitor pilots have left the valley and a couple of our regulars had airplanes coming out of maintenance, but didn’t quite make it in time.   Once again please see Alicia’s blog  to see the detail of our strong clinic at Lopez Mateos.

We also had the pleasure of Dr. Moraila and his family visiting us at Saturday’s Lopez clinic.   We had two identical plaques made to thank him for his many years of generous support, one presented to him at lunch and one that will hang in the clinic.  Of course there was also a cake.  As you recall, Dr Moraila retired the first of this year and our relationship with him was vital.  As pleased as we were to have him as our guest, we were also very fortunate to have his replacement, Dr. Sanchez, attend with him. As the new leader of Baja Sur’s social medicine in the region that covers Lopez Mateos, his influence could literally make or break us. He will also be our source for referrals when we encountered cases beyond our ability to treat. Both Dr. Moraila and Dr. Sanchez  spent several hours with us at clinic. I’m convinced that with the help of Dr. Moraila’s lobbying, Dr. Sanchez left very favorably impressed with our clinic and our services.  I flew away Saturday thinking that had I written the script for the whole visit, I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome!

Our next clinic will be June 16-18 and again we hope for both Lopez Mateos and LSI.  It will be the second to the last for this clinic season and we hope to head toward the finish line really strong!