May 2013 Trip Report

This month I will begin on a sad note.  Many of us have had some very fine meals and enjoyable evenings at the Mulege restaurant ‘Ray’s’.  I’m sorry to report that Ray suffered a heart attack two to three weeks ago and passed away.  We will certainly miss his cheery greetings and his sparkling personality.  We wish all of his friends and family the very best.

With that I will move to the very good news, the results of May’s clinic.  As in the past I will borrow shamelessly from Alicia’s blog (in fact I’m borrowing the whole darn report) “While April luckily didn't bring showers we sure had a flowery May clinic. That is of course, if one considers everything going extremely well rosy. Because our May clinic did just that, went extremely well, even though our dental department had to step back into old school tactics after the vacuum pump quit working. This is just another of those many examples of how our group of providers simply don't let adversity get in the way of sharing their lives with others by bringing so much medical care to the far reaches of Baja Mexico. Even the pilots had to go the extra mile by dropping off providers from Mulege and then flying to Loreto to pick up more providers. all of that and there was still an excellent number of patients helped throughout the day. Those numbers ended with 26 dental patients helped and 13 hygiene patients walking away with brighter smiles. 38 general medical patients got to see doctors along with 16 pediatric and 5 OBgyn folks helped. The eye docs saw to the needs of 24 and our chiropractors popped in with 74. It seems like that totals to 196 patients who stood in line since well before dawn to get a number were helped out through the day. Our pharmacy was kept busy filling 96 prescriptions rounding out a total count of 288. That's our story and we're sticking to it.”

I don’t normally point out the contributions of individuals in these writings, primarily because so many do so much it’s hard know who to recognize. I’m going to make an exception this month and recognize Phil Merrill.  He was the pilot who went many extra miles this clinic weekend to help assure that we had transportation for all our volunteers.  To have sufficient seats we were able to find private jet transportation to Loreto, but those providers still needed to get to clinic. On Saturday morning Phil transported his own passengers from Mulege to clinic and then flew to Loreto to transport those providers, saving them a long over the road trip.  Of course everyone had to get back at the end of the clinic day and it fell into place again thanks to Phil.  He also transported the failed dental vacuum pump, a heavy and awkward load, back to the Valley for repair,  I’m really glad that Phil stepped up, but I hope all our pilot recruiting efforts will reduce the need for this kind of logistical challenge. 

If you like seafood this was certainly the month.  Neli and Guillermo served some amazing shrimp for Saturday lunch and it made us feel as if our clinic was the site of the best restaurant in Baja.  If you’ve read my previous ramblings, you know I’m partial to scallops and there we’re some excellent examples at Equipales, at least two and a half inches across, fresh and cooked to perfection. 

Don’t forget to mark your calendars (and the calendars of potential recruits) for our Friday evening mixer on June 7 th at the Scottsdale Macayo’s.  The details are on our website .    

The next clinic will be June 14-16 with our overnights in Loreto . We look forward to another in a string of very successful clinics.   ¡Viva la clinica!