March 2017 Trip Report


It’s good to come back so strong after getting shut out two months in a row!  We had successful clinics at both Lopez Mateos and LSI and were well staffed in the disciplines at both clinics. I don’t have a complete count for Lopez Mateos because Alicia has been out of town and no yet able to update her blog.  I do know our patient count, not including prescriptions, was over 200.  Check back with in a while and I’m sure you’ll see full details.  I ask someone to write up LSI, but don’t recall who.  Hard to harass someone for a report when you don’t remember who to harass!  If this writing leads them to a response, I will certainly forward it. 

I learned this trip that our great Baja Sur benefactor, Dr. Moraila, retired the first of this year.  We certainly hope that his replacement will be as supportive of our cause and look forward to developing a relationship with him.

We received an observation courtesy of Lisa Whitaker, a first time interpreter. 

Lisa wrote:

I had never been to the Baja Peninsula before, or met any of the ‘Sams,’ prior to making my first trip with them.  I have traveled to and/or lived in other parts of the world previously, but have to say I have before never met a more welcoming, friendly group of people than the ‘Sams.’  Over the course of the trip I continuously noted what a sharp, hearty, engaging group of people the Sams are – and with a wicked sense of humor.  I was constantly entertained by the conversations around the breakfast and dinner tables.


I had lived in Mexico before, seen poverty and worked in a helping capacity with impoverished children before, but I’m not sure anything really prepares you for seeing anew what conditions many people must live in and with.  Your heart goes out to them, and they are so grateful for the medical treatment and any general assistance they are given.  I was impressed while watching the doctors, nurses and dentists work at what a caring bunch of professionals they are.  Everyone was there to help, and if any of them had a big ego back home, none of them had brought it with them to Mulege.


We live in a very chaotic, uncertain and problem-ridden world right now.  For anyone who feels a desire to ‘do something’ about the world’s problems, but feels powerless in the face of it all and uncertain about how to make a dent in those problems – here is something you can do.  Here is a place where you can get involved and make a difference – and get to know a great group of people in the process!


I don’t know about you, but I think the lady could make a living writing ad copy. 

You may recall some months ago I wrote of our attempts to provide a prosthesis limb for a women who had an above the knee amputation because of a serious car accident.  Her name is Nereyda, and she is Neli’s sister in law.  The donated parts and pieces literally came together courtesy of Bob Press and she was successful fitted here in the valley this past week.  Also special thanks to Bonnie Lassen for her work coordinating the lodging, transportation and interpreting duties required to pull this off.  I share this excerpt from her final progress report.

The last appointment (yesterday) went so well that Bob decided he didn't need to see Nereyda again, so the ladies decided to take the 2:05 a.m. bus home last night, well, this morning.  I got them to the bus with all of their paraphernalia and saw them off.  They both expressed their sincere thank you’s for all that was done for them and the smile on Nereyda's face was priceless as she walked on two legs (with the help of a walker). 


Our next clinic will be on the fourth Saturday of April, April 21-23.  Why the fourth Saturday?  The third Saturday in April falls on Easter weekend.  It’s such a big holiday in Mexico that we probably wouldn’t see much business if we tried to hold clinic on that weekend.  If staffing will support it, we will again try for both Lopez and LSI.  See you soon!