March 2014 Trip Report

This month I could write about the airplane trip, not as fast as some because of headwinds, or about Hotel Serenidad’s usual fine job of taking care of us or even the very fine and much appreciated lunch on Saturday. Instead I’ll focus on more significant things.

We plan the next social/potential new member information event on Saturday, April 26 at Aunt Chilada’s at 5pm. Aunt Chilada’s is located at the Pointe resort which is off 16 th Street, south of Northern Ave. in Phoenix. Specifics will follow, but for now I wanted to get the date to you so you can mark your calendars. These have always been great social events, but they are also an opportunity to help introduce someone new to our group. If you have prospective members, be sure to invite them. It’s a great and fun way for them to know more about us.

You may recall that in February we had a ride along by an ASU State Press student reporter. The resulting multimedia article can be found at . A good deal of focus is placed on the fitting of a prosthetic leg that was recently provided to a very deserving person. I’m pleased and grateful for the publicity we received, but in a perfect world I would hope for a bit more emphasis on the many miracles that you all accomplish at every single clinic.

Now to the shining stars of the March trip, the clinics at Lopez Mateos and Laguna San Ignacio. I read Alicia’s description of the Lopez clinic and I didn’t think I could do better. Here it is, word for word from the blog-

Life always has those wonderful moments when things just simply come together as they should. March clinic of the Flying Samaritans in Lopez Mateos was one of those moments. With 9 planes on the ground from Arizona Flying Samaritans early in the morning (before 09:30) the clinic got off to a huge start.
Our group from Arizona had to split providers up between Lopez Mateos and Laguna San Ignacio which left us just a bit short of enough providers to cover the needs of the patients in Lopez Mateos. So with 4 Mexican providers arriving from Constitucion to lend a hand the day was off to a great start. By the way, those four were two dentist and two medical doctors who so graciously gave their time along with all of those angels who flew from Arizona. All of this help provided care to the folks of Baja that greatly lack within their families economic situations. Remember that most of these families have a monthly income of $200.00 dollars or less so this medical care is more than just a helping hand. It is all that many of these families are able to find within their income levels. The Flying Samaritans were able to attend 36 general medicine patients along with 22 children seen by our pediatric provider together with another 14 ladies seen by our OBgyn folks on the medical front. Then we add in 25 dental patients helped together with another 11 folks who walked away with brighter smiles by our dental staff. One infant was even able to have an over extended umbilical cord removed by our provider who traveled all the way from Washington State to be part of the clinic along with his gracious wife. Our chiropractor helped relieve discomforts of 75 folks and the eye department provided much needed eye exams for 23 patients. We also had providers to help 82 folks with reading glasses. If my math skills still work that seems to be 289 patients who were attended to in 7 1/2 hours of providers on the ground. It would be remiss if we did not include the 130 RX prescriptions filled in our Pharmacy which brings the total consultations for today to 419. I think

The Laguna San Ignacio clinic was staffed by a dentist, a dental assistant and a chiropractor. It was a busy day for them, 15 dental and 35 chiropractic patients. There was also work done to develop a set of instructions needed to operate the generator and the water system. Propane to run the generator and barrels of water must be brought in by the locals for that clinic to function. This reminds me how fortunate we are to have water and electricity provided to our Lopez clinic by the local cannery.

Our next clinic is scheduled April 11-13. Yes, that is the second Saturday of the month and was moved to avoid falling on Easter weekend. This is planned to be a Lopez only clinic weekend, but I have heard that any time we have an extra dentist the LSI clinic could be arranged if the locals have a one week notice.

Bonus feature – This link should get you to a 5 minute video cut from footage taken of February’s trip from Lopez back to the hotel.

If anyone is interested, I will provide you the raw footage of the whole trip from both the top of airplane and bottom of airplane action cameras, but they are very large high definition MP4 files.

I look forward to seeing you at the next clinic and our next social event.

¡ Viva las clínicas !