March 2013 Trip Report

Hello Team Samaritans

Got to start with the big news and the main event – It was a great clinic!  Whale watching season was in high gear and we shared the Lopez airstrip with more than 20 other airplanes from a Baja Bush Pilot’s trip.  We had some concern the locals would be so busy taking care of the onslaught that they would not make it to clinic.   Totally unfounded, the clinic was very busy across the disciplines.  Most got a late start because of morning fog, but fortunately the longer days of March allowed us to stay later in the day and take care of the many seeking our services. The providers were working hard and I heard many comment that it was very rewarding to have such a strong clinic.

Without further ado, here are the results as stolen from Alecia’s blog –  “With one of the Samaritan planes arriving Friday to prepare the dental and triage for Saturday we were able to begin seeing dental patients before the first flight arrived clinic morning, which allowed the dental crew to help 28 folks in general dentistry. We had no hygienist this month to great disappointment of all. Our chiropractor was able to help 93 folks walk with a bit less pain and our eye doctor enabled 23 people have better vision. Our wound care nurse dealt with 4 folks while Gynecology was kept busy serving the needs of 15 ladies. Pediatricians took care of 25 children during which time our general medicine doctors (one from Constitucion) saw to the needs of 35 patients. For a number count that brought the clinic treatment number to a count of 223 folks helped who would not otherwise have had medical care. Added to that number our pharmacy was able to fill 156 orders for medication bringing the total number of clinic actions to 379.”

Just a couple of adders, that’s the highest count we’ve seen in a long time and I think a good string of consistent, well staffed clinics had much to do with our success.  I want to thank all of you who have volunteer for these last many clinics and allowed us to maintain this consistency.  Also, the patient count may be somewhat higher than the official total, because I heard our chiropractor may have seen 15 additional who arrived later in the day and there may have been some additional in the other disciplines as well.

A few of those whale watching Baja Bush pilots were from the Phoenix area and we recruited them heavily.  Fertile ground because when we try to sign up new pilots the two concerns we hear are: 1) Not comfortable flying to Mexico and/or 2) don’t want to land on a runway that isn’t paved.  Pretty hard for a pilot to offer those excuses when you’re talking to him beside his airplane at Lopez Mateos!

As you can imagine, the flying weather was excellent and Friday night seafood at  Equipales was a great feast for many.  The pig roast at our hotel was a popular choice for Saturday, encouraged by the somewhat later than normal return from clinic and mariachi entertainment.   It’s hard to beat the combination of pork, beverages and mariachis.  

Next clinic will be April 19-21.  Hope to see you there!