July 2014 Trip Report

Just to reinforce the message from last month, don’t forget our new benefactor "Amazon Smile".   Recall that Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of any eligible purchases to our treasury.  To get us this benefit, please use the link that follows for your Amazon purchases.  Your username and password are the same as regular Amazon and the donation does not increase the price you pay.      https://smile.amazon.com/ch/27-2469782

I like Alicia’s description of this last clinic of our season.  It appears on her blog http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/ so I suggest you take a look at that first.  What follows are some additional thought about this clinic and the season in general.

Once again the Aeromedicos helped to make this clinic successful by providing two dentists and a doctor.  If not for their timely help, this would be the third month in a row that we would have been short on dentists and dental hygienists.  We are very grateful for the current pool of dental professionals who volunteer and we appreciate their fine work.  This is not about how often our current volunteers are going to clinic.  We’re glad if someone supports us for one clinic a year and certainly more often is always welcome.The real issue is that we need to get more dental professionals into the pool.  If you know of someone who would have interest, please send them our way.  Denise Johnson and I and others will certainly support your recruiting efforts.   Also, if you have ideas for a good recruiting venue, please share those with us.

This season we were able to hold nine of the ten scheduled clinics at Lopez Mateos.  We got rained out in October, so not a good way to start!   Things looked much brighter in November, a strong clinic and the really fine fiesta that was held for us in Constitucion. December challenged us because Friday’s weather would not support safe flight, but an early Saturday departure allowed us to proceed with the clinic.  The weather was very cooperative for the remainder of the season.  Even monsoon prone July did not present any challenges.  Attendance at the clinics was much improved from some recent seasons, even in December and April when there were concerns with proximity to holidays.  I think the lesson here is that if we offer strong and consistent clinics, they will come. The new services of speech pathology (at the nursing home in Constitucion) and audiology were introduced this year and we hope will continue successfully.   

As for LSI, we were able to hold three of four scheduled clinics in January, March and May.  November was scheduled but did not occur because of some local circumstances.     Attendance was respectable and we continue to get a better relationship with the locals who support the clinic and they are gaining more confidence that we will deliver on our promises.  Also, this season we got the LSI clinic sanctioned by the Mexican health authorities, just has been the case with Lopez Mateos for many years.

Next season will open with our social/recruiting event currently scheduled for Saturday October 4 at Aunt Chilada’s restaurant collocated with the Squaw Peak Hilton (same place as the last social event).  The first clinic of the season will be Lopez Mateos October 17-19 and clinics will continue to be the third Saturday through July.  LSI clinics are currently scheduled for every other month starting in November. 

In closing, thank you for your support of our very successful season!  Hope to see you all at the social event and next season’s clinics and don’t forget to ‘re-up’ your membership.  (Note – If you signed up in May or later this season, you’re already covered for next season.)


¡ Viva las clínicas !