July 2013 Trip Report

The weather challenged and required us to be flexible, but it did not keep us from closing out the season with a successful clinic.  We had planned overnights in Mulege at Hotel Serenidad, but Friday’s weather on the mainland was predicted rainy, so our wise and highly experienced flight coordinator moved our overnights to Loreto.  Bad weather on the mainland and moving our overnights from Mulege to Loreto, how does that follow?  When we stay in Mulege, we normally clear Mexican customs through Guaymas, but Friday’s weather for Guaymas was predicted to be and was quite bad.  Once we decided to clear customs through Loreto it made sense to avoid the back track to Mulege and just stay in Loreto.  It would have been nice to close the season with our friends at Hotel Serenidad, but Mother Nature just didn’t support that plan.

My passengers and I spent Friday night in Lopez Mateos so we could get our repaired dental vacuum pump back in service, making life easier for our dental providers the next day.  While we’re on the subject of dental, we thought we would have one hygienist and no dentists, but were pleased to learn we had three local dentists who volunteered to fill the need.

Here are our numbers as extracted from Alicia’s blog.  ”As a result, our clinic numbers were 24 dental patients treated and 17 folks walked away with cleaner smiles from our hygienist. The medical doctors helped 30 folks and our pediatrician was able to see 11 children. When we add in the 9 ladies seen by OBgyn our clinic treatment number adds up to 91 folks helped throughout the day.”  “The pharmacy filled 115 orders before packing all the meds up to be stored until our next clinic in October.”   That total patient count may seem low, but we did not have chiropractors this trip and they typically add 100 or so to the count.

Now for a word about services we provide beyond the obvious and how we help in ways we may not realize.  We had an older gentleman, who had little if any use of his legs, arrive at clinic with a request to repair his electric wheel chair.  The chair was donated by our chapter some (many?) years ago and it had stopped working.  Fortunately a solder repair of some broken wires in the control circuit got it going again.  We later learned that this gentleman drove the chair a mile and a half every day to a bank where he sold newspaper and that this was his source of income. Examples like this convince me that the benefits you have all provided to the people treated at clinics over this past season are well beyond what you will ever see directly or maybe even imagine. 

Looking ahead to next season, we plan to kick off the season with a social event somewhere in the Phoenix area on Saturday, September 21 st.  The first Lopez Mateos clinic is scheduled for October 18-20 with overnights in Mulege.  November’s clinics, both Lopez Mateos and LSI, are scheduled for November 15-17 and will include a fiesta with overnights in Constitucion.  We have completed a very successful season and certainly look forward to even better in the next! 

  ¡ Viva las clínicas !