January 2014 Trip Report

Hello Team Samaritans.  We must have some good Karma some where as mother nature gave us a blue sky and a nice tail wind headed south for the January Clinic. As expected it was slow going through Guaymas as all the pilots needed to get new multi entry permits. All the rumors about the price of the multi entry permits going up were right on. Last year we paid about $70 US dollars and this year with the exchange rate the bank give us when we buy Pesos it was $112. This is the permit that the pilot has to buy and it is good for the calendar year. 

We did our Lopez clinic and also had a dentist and assistant at LSI so they were covered as promise. Our next LSI clinic will be in March. Thanks to Carl and Pat from the Tucson Chapter for getting everything there on line and working. 

We had great weather in Mulege at the Hotel Sernidad, one of the warmest January that I can remember. We were the only ones at the hotel and had the same great service we have come to expect. Friday night the majority of the group ended up at Equipalies for dinner and Saturday it was split with the bigger part of the group going to Ray's Place. His wife has it open and going again. A dozen of us ended up at Las Casitas and had a good dinner. 

The flight home went well, we didn't get the tail winds all pilots hope for but we had very little headwinds and smooth air. Customs in Nogales was quick as usual. 

OH? you want to know about the clinic? Here is a link to Alicia's blog  http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/ . You can also get there from the Link tab on our Flying Samaritans web site.  www.flyingsamaritans.com

You all missed a great trip. February trip will be  14-15-16 get signed up with your coordinator. 


¡ Viva las clínicas !