January 2013 Trip Report

January - A promise fulfilled  

After the rainout in December it was very rewarding for us to have such a good month. Our post holiday party at Macayo’s was well attended and I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all. I don’t know if anyone did a formal count, but I estimate at least sixty. Several were potential new members or members we had not seen for a while.  

As for the clinic trip, it was apparent early in the week that the weather would cooperate. The provider list was strong and spirits were high (no, that’s not a reference to my gin habit). We had some concern about having enough translators, but that resolved itself as you will later read.   Christmas in January was well received and our own Santa Keith made the children of Hotel Serenidad employees very happy. His Friday evening visit was accompanied by the traditional hot chocolate and cake and there was, of course, the piñata. Sturdy little reindeer though he was, he eventually gave up his contents to the waiting children.  

Clinic morning greeted us with a report of clear skies at Lopez Mateos, Serenidad’s buffet breakfast got us going and we arrived at clinic in good time. Concerns about an insufficient number of translators melted away with supplemental help from Mulege and Lopez Mateos. Five of the providers, new to us or not with us for a while, certainly did their part to blend in and to make the clinic a success. Also, there was whale watching for some during a midday break.  

Now for the count, as quoted from Alicia’s blog. You can follow the link in flyingsamaritans.com to read her full account. “This month the group was able to help 110 patients plus 102 pharmacy orders filled. All of this while 10 of our providers had a chance to take a break and get on a required to post the results by a breakdown of the totals so 19 folks were able to see a general whale tour boat to get up close and personal with those gentle giants of the sea. In order to meet the requirements of our government issued medical clinic permit I am doctor which left a little homework for us finding additional help from doctors here in Mexico for 4 or 5 of the patients. There were 10 children seen as well as 40 folks were able to walk a little easier after visiting our chiropractors. Our dedicated dentists treated 26 folks and another 15 walked away with brighter smiles after professional cleaning.”   Saturday night dinner at Ray’s and a smooth trip home on Sunday where the closing acts of a very enjoyable and productive clinic weekend.   The next clinic is scheduled for February 15-17.

Hope to see you there!


Dennis Gerlach
President Phoenix Chapter
Flying Samaritans Arizona