February 2013 Trip Report

Hello Team Flying Samaritans

This month our fearless leader Dennis was not able to make the trip. Mary was fighting with the bug that has been roaming among us for a while. She was not the only one, we had two last minute cancellation as the bug bit more of us. But fearful Don did make the trip so I will tell you about it. 

Great weather, smooth air and a nice tail wind took us to Guaymas with smiles on our faces. It is funny how a little tail wind can make a pilot happy. I only saved 6 or 7 minuets on the trip to Guaymas and I like to fly but I was still smiling for flying less, must be like getting something for nothing and we all like that. Mulege greeted us with a windy afternoon and an interesting ride the last block to the runway. Our group at the Sernidad was a little smaller as Roger Bartels had taken Pam, Nancy and Laurie to Lopez to prep the dental clinic for an early start Saturday morning. The Funks had left a day early and gone to LSI (Laguna San Ignacio) for whale watching. The whales are not any better looking than the ones we have at Lopez but there are more of them, Lopez has 400 and LSI closer to 2000. After whale watching they went to Loreto to show visiting friends Mexico.  In the late afternoon the wind died down and give us a nice evening for dinner at Equipalies (sp) . The night was chilly but much better that Friday night in January.

The Hotel Sernidad had a breakfast buffet for us. Hot and ready by 6:45. A text from Alicia about 7:15 said  "wide open come on over".  Just after 7:30 the first plane was on its way to Lopez. We had five planes leaving Mulege, Roger already in Lopez and Bob and gang coming from Loreto. Perfect weather in Lopez, warm and sunny but not hot. We saw lots of patients and filled lots of prescriptions.  How Many? Sign on to www.flyingsamaritans.com and under links hit Alicia's blog and get all the detail. A few of the people got to take a little time off and go see the whales from a boat. All of got to see whales and porpoises showing off in front of the clinic. Lunch prepared by Nellie and Guillermo gave the provider a little break and we even had some new carpeted benches to sit on thanks to Guillermo. By five o'clock the last planes were winging their way to Mulege. Another great clinic day. Nightfall had about 3/4 of our group headed out to Ray's place for an always special dinner. I say out to Ray's place because no one knows where it is but out there. They don't blindfold us but you get a dozen people in a van jabbering away and head out through the boonies in the dark making lots of left and right turns as you bounce along and you end up at Ray's place and don't have a clue how to get there again. The Sernidad had the traditional Saturday night pig roast (Don Johnson the hotel owner says his pork is sweeter than any one else's because he gives them lots of dates) and we had 6 or 7 stay for that. 

Sunday Morning found us loading up and heading home. All are now home safe and sound. Check out Alicia's blog and find our more about our clinic numbers.

If you are ready to head south and experience this for yourself, call or email your coordinator.

Don Downey