December 2018 Trip Report


December’s clinic was Lopez Mateos only.  There is continuing need at Laguna San Ignacio (LSI), especially for dental services, but we weren’t sufficiently staffed to support two clinics.  Our Lopez clinic numbers were as follows: General Medical - 18, Pediatrics - 10, OBGYN - 8, Dental Hygene - 13, Dental - 10, Optical - 57.

In addition a glasses clinic was held at the Guaymas airport on Friday for the people who process us each month.  


Fourteen pairs of glasses were fitted with only two not available for immediate handout.  On our return on Sunday it was interesting to hear a security person at Guaymas literally gush over the glasses she received and how happy she was to be able to see well.  She indicated that she was not high enough in rank to have more than basic medical coverage and that she just couldn’t afford glasses.  It was enlightening to me that a person with what I thought to be a reasonably good government job could be in such a situation.  This is pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if their insistence on made in Mexico and high import tariffs make necessities more expensive for the average Mexican than they could be.


Repairs and upgrades to the clinic facilities continue to progress.  My crew left on Thursday morning.  We worked at LSI on Thursday afternoon, flew direct to Lopez at the end of the day, and spent Friday at the Lopez clinic.  We were joined later in the day on Friday by Charlie Brown’s airplane after his crew finished the above mentioned glasses distribution in Guaymas.  LSI’s work was primarily to correct an electrical problem that caused nuisance tripping of the power supply and interrupted dental work.  You can see the before and after below.  On the left was as installed by the locals when community solar power became available and allowed them to have lights without running the generator.  On the right is our improved installation with properly rated equipment to avoid the nuisance trips.



Other work at LSI included a general cleanup and inventory of the dental supplies.  At Lopez, work began to get improved dental deliveries in service for the three west most dental chairs and also some general organizing of the dental supplies.  The clinic facilities also got a very thorough cleaning.

Our work was in some ways eclipsed by the work the cannery performed for us at Lopez.  Take a look at the new eating area behind the chiropractic clinic.  Also, thanks to the cannery, there are now doors on both of the patient bathrooms.



Lopez and Baja Sur weather was a bit different than we normally experience.  There was heavy cloud cover all day, but the cloud bases were at least 9000 feet giving plenty of room to fly under. 


Santa Clause made his appearance on Saturday night and distributed backpacks full of gifts to the children and grandchildren of the Hotel Serenidad employees.  Thanks to Donna Brown for organizing the backpacks and to all who volunteered to support the effort.  Also on Sunday morning our local cab drivers, brothers Salvador and Nacho were fitted with glasses.  Good vision is a desired trait in your cab drivers!!

Our next clinic will be January 18-20.  Hope to see you there.