December 2012 No Trip Report

December’s Disappointment

The stars were aligning quite well for December.  We had a good, well rounded list of providers ready to make the trip and the airplane seats to get them there.  The backpacks for Santa to distribute to the children of Hotel Serenidad employees were packed full of gifts and ready to go.  The weather forecast for the trip down was concerning, but clearing was predicted for mid-morning on Friday and that forecast was holding up as we got closer to departure.  Unfortunately the rain Thursday night into early Friday went as far south as Lopez Mateos.  That made our runway unsafe to use and made the clinic area and the path leading to it very slick and treacherous for walking.  We could solve the runway problem by landing on the paved runway at Constitucion and then finding ground transportation to clinic, but that wouldn't solve the hazard of the clinic area.  I’ve not experienced it personally, but I’m told that the soil at clinic gets unbelievably slick and difficult to walk on when it rains.   

This is the second clinic we had to cancel in the last year or so because of rain induced slick conditions at the clinic (November 2011 clinic was the first).  Perhaps we can work with our benefactor, the cannery, and get some improvements made so we have a more rainproof walking path and clinic area to avoid this kind of cancellation.  Because a clinic with few patients is of little value, we will also need to think about improved communication with our patients, because many have learned from experience that when it rains, clinic gets canceled. 

January’s Promise

We have a post holiday party scheduled for the evening of Saturday, January 12, at the downtown Macayo’s on Central starting at 6 pm.  As with the event last September, please invite those potential members who would like to learn more about us. We may have some ALMA members (Arizona Latin-American Medical Association) attending our party.  Gail Brown attended one of their meetings a week or so ago to do some recruiting and I followed up at their meeting last Thursday.  I think the enthusiasm  I saw for our cause will translate into some new members/provider participants for us.

January clinic is scheduled for January 18-20. We will likely have Christmas in January for the children of Hotel Serenidad employees.  We look forward to a very successful and rewarding clinic. 

¡Viva la clínica!   


Dennis Gerlach
President Phoenix Chapter
Flying Samaritans Arizona