April 2017 Trip Report


As Alicia, our local coordinator/facilitator/negotiator/enabler/liaison indicated in her blog, we had a well-staffed , well attended clinic at Lopez Mateos.  We also had the pleasure of celebrating Neli’s birthday with a cake at Saturday’s clinic lunch.  As always check out Alicia’s blog http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/  for the details .  We had strong attendance when considering that we moved from our standard third Saturday clinic because of the Easter holiday.  Just a bit of info you may or may not  know: Alicia’s blog is our report to the Mexican medical authorities on the activities at our clinic and Easter in Mexico is celebrated not just that day or that weekend, but the whole week before.  That week is known as Semana Santa (Holy Week in English).

Laguna San Ignacio (LSI) didn’t happen this month, but not for lack of trying.  To make that clinic work, we need to make contact with one of our locals to confirm there will be a clinic and let them know what services we are able to provide.  Unfortunately, repeated attempts could not establish contact.  It may have been related to extended travel after Semana Santa or ?  Things always seem to work out though, because some last minute cancelations would have made us a bit tight on providers had we run both clinics.