April 2013 Trip Report

The small miracle that is our clinic came together very successfully, but not without the help of some really good fortune.  At midweek we had just enough seats to transport all the volunteers, but then our pilot coordinator learned that one of our pilots who had signed up was stuck out of town because of winter weather to the east. Not long after learning of the problem, he got an unsolicited call from another pilot volunteering his services and there were again seats for all.

We are getting by, but we could really use more pilots.   I don’t think any of us like it when there are providers willing to donate their professional services and we don’t have enough seats to get them to clinic.  If you know of potential recruits, please send them our way.  We are happy to lead any pilot through the steps of their first flight to Mexico. 

As for the clinic results, at the time of this writing, they are not yet available on Alicia’s blog.   I did have a little note with the patient count listed in great detail, but I can’t find the darn note and the dog ate my homework and ………………. . I do remember the total patient count was 202, 95 of which were chiropractic.  We did not have optical this time, so the remainder were treated by medical and dental.   If you want more details, please see Alicia’s blog   http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/  where they will likely be posted by the time you read this.

Flying weather and trip weather were just excellent and the runways at Serenidad and Lopez were both smooth as silk. We shared Hotel Serenidad with a group of Baja Bush Pilots and had hoped to recruit some pilots for the Sams.  Unfortunately most of the pilots I talked to lived too far away from the Phoenix area to be able to support us.  Even so, it was good to see the hotel having the extra business. This trip, two airplanes made plans for an extra day and alternate overnight locations and I understand a good time was had by all.

Next clinic is scheduled for May 17-19.  Also, we have a social gather planned for Friday evening, June 7 at   Macayo's Scottsdale, Shea and Scottsdale Rd.  See you soon on a trip and if you have potential new members, please invite them to the social event.  We’d like the chance to help you bring them on board.