October 2015 Trip Report


October Clinic,

As we open our clinic season each year, we hope for a strong start, including no challenges from the weather, a good well rounded list of providers and the airplane seats to transport them.  For this month the destinations were our standard overnights at Hotel Serenidad in Mulege and not one, but two clinics.

Earlier in the week the forecast suggested we would face some weather on Friday morning for the trip down, but that was not the case.  We had good flying weather for the whole trip; however, we did eat some headwind on the way down so it took a bit longer than normal.  Fortunately, the winds aloft were kind enough to not change direction, so what slowed us down on Friday sped us up on Sunday’s return trip.  The only aspect of weather that was a bit short of perfect was the somewhat unseasonable high temperatures at our Mexico destinations.  The pool was a good place to be at Serenidad!

On to the clinics – We continue to better understand our newest clinic at LSI (Laguna San Ignacio).  You may recall that our planned schedule was to start LSI in November and run clinics every other month. Our emphasis at LSI is dental, but we also frequently include some general or specialty medical.  Because we had enough medical providers to support it, our medical coordinator made a good call and decided to do a small LSI medical clinic, staffed by a nurse practitioner, an interpreter and a pilot/facilities operator/reading glasses fitter.   The intent was as much about assessing medical supplies and clinic condition as seeing patients, but it was indeed a very successful clinic!  Our NP saw 17 patients and our small, but mighty staff was greeted very warmly by the folks at LSI.  I believe we have had enough continued success at LSI to gain their trust.

Lopez Mateos was well staffed and as you see from Alicia’s blog, http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/, we provided well rounded medical and dental services.  Our ASU student chapter really came through for us this trip providing three interpreters and an interpreter/helper.  The clinic building remains in great condition from the recent renovation and as I have said before, looks much better than it had in a long time.  The dental chairs are functioning well, but we do need to do some significant repair on the dental support carts and many of our dental hand pieces, both high speed and low speed, are in need of repair or replacement. 

Our next trip will be November 20-22 and will include a special event, the Saturday night fiesta in Ciudad Constitucion.  Those of you who have participated in past fiestas know this will be a very special and gratifying event.  The people of Constitucion, the home of many who support our clinic, treat us to this great street party as a way of thanking us for our work at the clinic.  I know a good time will be had by all.  Hope to see you soon!