May 2015 Trip Report


May - A different sort of clinic report

Let me start by saying we had two very successful clinics.  Yes, I did say two!  Contrary to previous plans, we were sufficiently staffed to hold a dental only clinic at Laguna San Ignacio.  It was a well worthwhile because our dentist, with the support of his assistant, was able to treat 14 patients.  Our Lopez Mateos clinic was also highly successful as demonstrated by Alicia’s blog

Let’s get on to the parts that make this report different.  The sidewalks, paths and other walking surfaces at locations we visit in Mexico are not as pedestrian friendly as we are accustom to in the US.  For this reason I encourage you to bring shoes that are appropriate for the situation.  One of our team members took a bad fall while walking to dinner and broke their arm.  The fall happened, at least in part, because the person didn’t have the right shoes for the terrain.    Our team member was diagnosed with a greater tuberosity fracture (the part of the upper arm bone where the tendons attach that allow you to raise your arm straight out from your side).  The fractured piece displaced upward enough that surgery was required.  Every indication, so far, is that the outcome will be very favorable with no loss of function.


Our next clinic, the second to the last for this season, will be June 19-21 and is planned for both Lopez Mateos and LSI.  It has not yet been determined if LSI will be a dental only or will include other specialties.  The final clinic of our season will be July 17-19 and is planned to be Lopez Mateos only.

I look forward to seeing you soon!