June 2016 Trip Report


June Clinic:

You’ve probably heard the expression that sometimes a piece of prose almost writes itself.  I can think of only one thing better; having someone write it for you!!  My first referral is one you see in every clinic report, Alicia’s blog  http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/ . As always, you can read her perspective and get a patient count for the Lopez Mateos clinic.

This month I’ll direct you to another blog from first time provider Jody Murray.  I think you’ll enjoy the post describing her first trip with us.   http://acupxtherapy.blogspot.com/ .  She chose to lead with her best material, a striking photo of Saturday night’s Mulege dinner crew. 

The LSI clinic, our first dental hygiene only clinic, went well but the patient turnout was a bit disappointing.  A possible explanation is that the patient population has not moved far enough up the hierarchy from emergency dental care to preventative.  In contrast, at Lopez Mateos there has been no lack of patients when hygiene was the only dental offering.   It’s also possible that, because of a local situation, the clinic was not as well advertised as in the past.  On the positive side our dental coordinator, Sherry Cline, got to see LSI for the first time and she is now better able to understand the needs of that clinic.   We should also remember that this has been a very successful season at LSI with an impressive number of dental and medical patients treated.

On a sad note, we just learned of the passing of Nancy Johnson, Hotel Serenidad owner Don Johnson’s wife.  It’s been a few years since I met her at the hotel, but I recall her to be a very gracious and charming lady.  I’m sure you who have been coming on these trips for many years have some warm memories of her.  We do wish Don and his family the very best in this difficult time.   

We have one more trip this clinic season, July 15-17.  At this time I don’t know if it will be Lopez only or if we will be able to staff LSI.  If you miss us in July, we look forward to seeing you next season! 

The last few years we have had an event to kick off the new season.  It’s been heavy hors d’oeurves and drinks at a Valley Mexican restaurant in late September or early October. If you have a suggestion for a venue or a different activity please let me know.  We have typically funded it with officer contributions and donations.  If we went with a pricier event, we may want to charge admission.  I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.