June / July 2015 Trip Report


June & July Clinics,

Season Summary & Season Opening Social Event on 9/19

June and July clinics both brought surprises because who could image we may have been forced to cancel one or both of those clinics because of hurricane activity.   June’s hurricane Carlos died before it ever got far enough north to be a factor and July’s Dolores did a drive by off the west coast of Baja, but stayed far enough away to avoid stopping the safe completion of our clinic.  A very unusual weather year indeed!  There were two successful clinics in June and in July, a small but highly effective contingent closed out the Lopez Mateos season with another win.  As always, you can visit Alicia’s blog http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/   for more details about the Lopez clinics.

The remainder of this report will be a year-end summary of the very successful clinic season we just completed.  Laguna San Ignacio (LSI) was really the great ‘pull it out of the fire’ story of the season.  Recall we had planned LSI clinics for every other month starting in November.  We had a very poor start because the November date coincided with a Baja race that virtually emptied the town so our clinic was cancelled in anticipation of very poor attendance.  Our next attempt in January was weathered out.  The airplanes got to Mulege, but did not make it to either clinic on Saturday because of some unexpected bad weather.  Our very special Flying Sams flexibility/adaptability came to the rescue and we accomplished a limited clinic w/o dental in February and had standard dental plus specialty medical clinics in March, April, May, and June.  We caught up with some of the pent up demand for dental, but I know there will be a continuing strong need when we return next season. 

At Lopez Mateos we held all the scheduled clinics except the previously mentioned weather out in January, but our Lopez season was not without a significant challenge.  Before we could begin the season we needed to repair some serious damage inflicted by a late season hurricane.  Our more recent approach of using local labor guided by our local representatives, instead of flying down work crews, was quite successful.  As you heard and I hope have witnessed for yourself, the clinic facilities are in better condition than they have been in years. 

The other story of the season was the continued support from the Aeromedicos of Santa Barbara.  Though sometimes a challenge to integrate, they made several of the clinics more completely staffed then they would have been.  The support provided by their dentists was especially appreciated this past season.  We continue to wish them success in getting their runway at Cadeje reestablished so they are able to return to the clinic they founded and have supported for many years. 

Next season will begin with a social event on Saturday September 19 th starting at 5:30 PM and will be held at the Tempe Aunt Chilada’s located at 2019 W. Baseline Rd .  (Yes, this is different than the last few which were held at the Aunt Chilada’s Squaw Peak) The first clinic trip is scheduled for October 16 – 18.  We all look forward to another very successful clinic season.  I hope to see you soon!