July2016 Trip Report



July clinics are always a bit tough; very warm and possibly stormy weather, many away on vacation, both here and in Mexico, and yet we completed the season with a very respectably staffed and attended clinic.  In a perfect world, we would have had a few more airplane seats, but even that worked out without too much inconvenience.  As you can see from Alicia’s blog, http://samaritansmovil.blogspot.com/ , patient turnout was good, not blockbuster, but good and we had an appropriate cross section of providers.  All and all a decent match of those needing treatment to those providing it.   

We reached a milestone this clinic season, a ten out of ten season. Of the ten Lopez Mateos clinics scheduled, October through July, we made them all.  To my best recall, that’s a first since I joined the group in June 2008.  In addition to the ten Lopez Mateos clinics, we held Laguna San Ignacio clinics in October, November, February, March, April, May, and June.  In November there was also a wound care clinic held at the Ciudad Constitucion elderly care home.  May brought us the miracle of the cataract clinic that felt like it almost literally just walked through the door.

This season our trips included many new members and we hope we engaged them sufficiently so they will return again and again.   We continue to be grateful for the contributions of our California friends, the Aeromedicos, and all the support they’ve brought to our clinics the last few seasons.  This season also saw a young boy, very much in need, receive the gift of a child size wheel chair and specialized hearing aids.  Those hearing aids and the expertise to fit them came courtesy of the Aeromedicos.  Looking forward, we are working to provide a prosthesis for a family member of one of our valued Lopez Mateos support team.  Her above the knee amputation was the result of a car accident.  

This past season has also brought generous donations of money, equipment, and supplies.  We recently received a donation of three very nice dental chairs and other high quality dental office equipment.   We also developed an arrangement with a pharmaceutical distribution center that is providing a variety of over the counter medication at no cost.  For the most part, these are unexpired meds that cannot be sold because of cosmetic damage to the packaging.   

We’re planning a season opening social event for the evening of Saturday, October 1. The location is TBD.  It’s a fun way to get reenergized for the new season and an opportunity to introduce potential new members to our group.   Our first clinic of the next season will be October 14 – 16 and may include LSI if we are staffed sufficiently to support it.   I know we’re all looking forward to next clinic season and the many amazing things it will bring!