January 2015 NO Trip Report


I’ll start with a disclosure.  I wasn’t scheduled to go on this trip because we had enough airplane seats and I’ve flown my share of clinics lately.  The information that follows was gathered from others.

Everything came together for January’s clinic; enough airplane seats, a well-staffed group of providers and excellent weather to get everyone to Mulege on Friday.    There was the usual good time at Serenidad and in town that evening.  All seemed to be on track for two successful clinics until Saturday morning and the usual phone call to Lopez Mateos to check the weather.  The news was not good; there were low clouds and rain at Lopez Mateos and low clouds at LSI.  A small, but poorly placed and poorly timed weather system was to blame. The pilots worked together to come to the difficult but proper choice that it was not safe to make the flights.   Our clinics are important to those we serve, but we will always put safety first.  Everyone returned home from Mulege on Saturday in good weather because Mulege was not yet affected by the system.

There is some good news.  We had an airplane travel to Lopez Mateos on the Thursday before clinic to install some donated dental equipment that we received several months ago.  They were able to install two new dental chairs and a new X-ray in the clinic.  They also installed a dental chair and an X-ray machine in the mobile clinic (El Movil).   We can look forward to improved equipment performance in the dental area and a mobile clinic that has an important new capability.  Including the building repairs and improvements I’ve written about recently, our clinic is in better shape than it has been for a long time.  For their hard work in the clinic, our early to Lopez group did get a special and unexpected treat.  It seems that the whales didn’t know that it wasn’t yet whale season and they got some spectacular views of whale antics out the back door of the clinic.

Our next clinic weekend is February 20-22.  It’s not been determined yet, but I hope we can have a clinic at LSI in addition to Lopez Mateos.  We look forward to a successful clinic or better yet two successful clinics.  See you soon!


¡ Viva las clínicas !