February 2016 Trip Report


February Clinic, Part 1

I went to the Lopez Mateos clinic this month, but we also held a very successful clinic at Laguna San Ignacio (LSI).  I asked Beth Diedrich to write about her LSI experience.  She was so prompt in her response, that I see no reason to delay getting it to all of you.  Part 2 of the February report will cover the Lopez clinic as soon as I get inspired to write it.  (Or I convince someone else to offer a submission)


Beth wrote:

   A little cloud cover over Laguna San Ignacio was not a problem in the capable hands of pilots Pat McClure and Mike Brownlie. We were greeted by our faithful driver Chema, who uses his own truck to load the seven of us and our supplies and bring us to (every) clinic. 

We saw 28 cheerful, grateful medical and pediatric patients with the great translating help of Ana Torres De Luallen. The local residents kept the flow organized by sending word out to the next patient as we would take one back to the exam room, keeping us one ahead, but not overcrowding the waiting area. We started with 16 patients on our list, but word got out and each time we opened the door, there was a polite "una mas?" The same thing happened to our dental providers, Dr. Turley, Denise Johnson, and Tonya Gale. Pat McClure became our instant optometrist and was able to fit several folks with reading glasses.
    Mid-morning the generator failed, pausing the much needed dental repairs and cleanings only briefly until our two maintenance men/pilots were able to get us up and running again. We dined on a lunch of fresh seafood soup and homemade tortillas prepared by our health department liaison Azucensa (Suzi). Although pharmacy was greatly depleted, we were able to offer much needed medications to the folks there as the local providers had not been to the clinic in over two weeks. It always works out somehow!    

    To top off our trip, we were able to spot a few whales from the plane as we headed back over the beautiful mountains and rock formations to Mulege to meet our fellow Sams. 

What can I say? It's grueling work! I feel privileged to be part of this group. Looking forward to next month!
See you in Mexico!


February Clinic, Part 2

Shawna Thue wrote:

The smell of coffee in the a.m, the greeting of old friends and meeting new ones began the February trip adventure to Mulege and Lopez Mateo. Arriving at Stellar Airpark in Chandler, I was excited to board Dennis Gerlach's Cessna and head south with Bonnie Lassen, Anna Torres, and David Reynolds.  After an absence of two years, I was so excited to return and see the familiar faces on the trip and in Mexico as well.  After a smooth ride arriving into Mulege, the excitement grew as everyone greeted each other and socialized during the evening. 

Saturday a.m. came early but everyone was eager and happy to get to Lopez Mateos.  We were all hoping to see some whales  on the landing and our trusty pilot was able to show us a few items flapping around in the water on our way down.  We flew low on the way out, but I think it was nap time for whales.   At the clinic, everyone quickly found a place and the organization was impressive.  As an interpreter, I had the privilege to work with Dr. Alan Marcus and enjoyed every minute working with this amazing man appreciating his compassion and knowledge at the same time. We saw everything from skin disorders to everyday colds, flu, and emotional issues.  Dr. Marcus didn't miss a beat and was able to connect with each patient to make them all feel comfortable.  

Triage was right on and many people were seen by chiropractors, dentists, and not to mention the pilots and helpers also passing out eye glasses.  Lunch was amazing and happily served by our supportive family from Con stitucion.  We finished relatively early on Saturday and left with the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Saturday evening was a blast with food, dancing, and socializing.  It was fun to get my groove on and I think several others had fun at our dance party!:) Great food, friends and company are always a great way to end any trip adventure!

Sunday was a safe trip home and as usual, the feeling of I can't wait to go back in the back of my head.  Thank you to all of you for reviving me from my absence and I can't wait to see you all in April.