March 2016 Trip Report


April Clinic:

We had clinics this month at Lopez Mateos and Laguna San Ignacio.  Lopez Mateos was very busy, a long line and patients in the waiting area most of the day.  We’ve had some issues with patients getting their numbers and then leaving.  Perhaps word got out that you may miss your chance to be seen if you’re not there when your number is called.  Once again hearing tests and hearing aids were offered courtesy of the Aeromedicos.   We also had a dental equipment repair specialists make some much needed repairs to the dental support equipment.  Alicia’s blog has been updated for April, so check it to see another perspective and some strong clinic numbers. 

LSI was a pediatrics only clinic and there were some coordination/communication issues and mechanical challenges.  Despite the setbacks, seven patients were seen.  Some of problems occurred because our local person who usually does the coordination was not available for this clinic.  Also, none of the team members we sent to LSI had previous experience at that facility.  This is something we try hard to avoid, but sometimes there are just no better alternatives.  All I can say is this reinforces what I’ve told potential members; we might not be your thing if you don’t deal well with uncertainty! 

We had an issue this clinic with some of our Lopez Mateos team members leaving behind valuable personal possessions at the end of the clinic day.  This caused an airplane to turn back on the return trip to the hotel to retrieve the items.  There is a lot going on at clinic and many distractions, so it’s not surprising things can be forgotten.   Please consider double checking before leaving clinic to make sure you have all your possessions. 

Not recently, but occasionally, we’ve had medical issues with some of our team members while on a clinic trip.  Shouldn’t be a problem, right?  All kinds of medical providers around.  Problem is they had little to work with unless we were at the clinic. We now have an emergency medical kit to cover basic needs so that if a problem occurs away from the clinic, there are some resources for the providers.  The plan, for now, is to carry the kit in my airplane, C310 N11TJ unless I’m not going and then the kit will be transferred to another airplane.

On the administrative front, we’re beginning work to refocus our social media presence and plan to update our website to make it friendlier to mobile devices.  As always, we’ll make these upgrades at minimum cost so that contributions to our nonprofit organization are focused on the clinics where they belong. 

Next clinic is scheduled for May 20-22 and we plan for clinics at both Lopez Mateos and LSI.  We hope to be staffed to provide dental at both locations. 

Look forward to seeing you!