Clinic at Laguna San Ignacio

The Phoenix Chapter of the Flying Samaritans Arizona has a new responsibility.  In addition to our Lopez Mateos clinic, we will be coordinating and staffing the LSI clinic.  The Tucson chapter will continue  to  help support LSI. 

What is LSI?

The LSI (Laguna San Ignacio) clinic is located across from Mulege on the pacific side of Baja California. The Tucson chapter built this dedicated clinic in 2008. The building has separate areas for medical and dental, with a separate private room for OB/GYN. The LSI dental room has three chairs for dentists or dental hygienists.

This link to the Tucson chapter website will provide more detail and pictures -  This next link is a brief video tour of the LSI dental facilities -

Why is the Phoenix Chapter assuming leadership?

The Tuscan chapter built and has serviced the LSI clinic since 2008, but they are challenged to staff the needed medical services, especially dental.  The population of the Tucson area is not as large as the Phoenix area, so they have more challenges recruiting the required health care professionals and pilots.

Is this a hostile takeover?

Definitely not!  We were approached by some members of the Tucson chapter with the request that we assume responsibility.  The management of the Tucson chapter has agreed it is in the best interest of LSI for us to take the lead responsibility.

What services are most needed at LSI?

Short answer - dental.  It is our current plan to begin with dental only clinics.

What are the anticipated dates of the LSI clinics, how often will they be held, and how will they be staffed?

LSI clinics are held on the same weekend as our Lopez Mateos clinic, the third Saturday of the month, but not as frequently.  We will likely begin with a schedule of every third month.  We think initially the clinic will be staffed with one dentist, one hygienist and other support staff as required.

When do we begin?

It already happened !  Our initial thought was to visit LSI during the June Lopez Mateos clinic with the goal of meeting the locals and accessing the facility.  We  later  determined we  were  able to provide a dentist  and a  hygienist so we fill ed  this critical need for dentals services  during the June clinic  .

What can I do to help?

Short answer – RECRUIT!  This new responsibility will challenge our current resources, especially dental and pilots with access to aircraft.  If you know anyone, your dentist, pilots you know, friends of friends, etc. please tell them about us.  The officers, coordinators and your fellow Samaritans are more than happy to help you with your recruiting efforts. My support is always available at 602-809-2209 and

¡ Viva  las clínicas !