Preparing for the Trip

Clinic Check List
    Not all trips follow this checklist.  This one is set up for overnight stays at Hotel Serenidad in Mulege, BCS                                   

  1. Overnight accommodations are usually at the Hotel Serenidad.   Room reservations will be faxed to the hotel by the Trip Coordinator.     The telephone number at Hotel Serenidad is 011-51-615-153-0530.   
    You may wish to leave this number with family or friends that may want to contact you over the weekend.    If you are assigned a roommate, room expenses will be shared with your roommate.  Major credit cards are accepted at the hotel.  The rooms are approximately $60 per night.

    We don't claim to be a weather service, but the current weather for cities enroute to the Baja and near our overnight destination are on the
    home page.     The clinic in Lopez Mateos is located on the Pacific Ocean and usually provides a cool breeze. Please travel light.  Bring cool clothing for warm days and extra layers for colder days or nights.  Dress is informal, but should be proper for local customs/culture.   Cost sharing for the flight to clinic is expected to be between $150 - $200 US Dollars per member, depending on the aircraft in which you fly.     In additions, passengers will pay their own visa fees ($20-$25 US Dollars) and exit fee ($5 - $10).  The pilot will pay this fee in CASH when he/she fills out the aircraft and flight planning documentation in Guaymas (or wherever the point of entry/exit is located).  Passengers should be  prepared to reimburse the pilot with CASH for the Visa.                     

    Each volunteer is responsible for the cost of their own meals.    Meals Saturday morning and Sunday morning are served at the Hotel.  Friday and Saturday evenings you can either eat at the hotel or go into town and eat at one of the local restaurants.  Taxi service is available from the hotel or you can walk into town.  We suggest that you bring lots of small U.S. bills for spending in town (on meals or souvenirs).

    Departure times from the hotel on Sunday are at the discretion of the pilot of the aircraft.  Please be prompt when you are given times to meet the aircraft (both leaving the U.S. and returning on Sunday).  Be sure to pack lightly for the trip.  Most pilots limit maximum baggage weight for each passenger to 10 pounds.  Soft-sided luggage works best and saves wear and tear on the airplane during loading and unloading.   If you don't own soft-sided luggage, try grocery bags.  They work!    

    Ask your pilot if he or she has any restrictions on eating and drinking in the aircraft.  Aircraft owners are very proud of their airplanes and appreciate the courtesy of their passengers.  Be sure to clean up after yourself upon arrival back home.  In other words, don't leave your garbage for the pilot to dispose of.

    Take your camera so you can capture memories.  And, if you have good digital pictures, please send them to the
    webmaster for printing on this web site.   Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the experience of Mexico and of helping others.  You are very much appreciated!  After January 23, 2007 the only proof of citizenship allowed for travel to Mexico and returning to the U.S. will be a valid passport. As of mid-2009 all pilots must provide Homeland Security with the following information on each passenger when traveling into Mexico with the Flying Samaritans:
    1. First Name and Last Name – as it appears on the passport 
    2. Physical address (people don’t live in PO Boxes) 
    3. Date of Birth 
    4. Passport Number 
    5. Passport Expiration Date

    US Dollar conversion to Mexican Peso:

    In order to obtain the best exchange rate, pay hotel and restaurants with a credit card o r withdraw pesos using your ATM card in Mulege or Loreto banks . You can pay with dollars but the exchange rate will not be in your favor.

    Note: You can use your ATM card to withdraw pesos, but usually the ATM cards are declined when you try to use them as a credit card .