To sign up for a trip let your coordinator know the months that you are available . The coordinator will add your name to the trip list. That list is in the members’ only section. You can view the list but you cannot add your name to it. Only your coordinator can add names. At the bottom of the current trip list is a link to future trip list, this page lists people signed up for a future trip. You can sign up for a trip as far in advance as you like, just let your coordinator know. When you joined you were or will be emailed a welcome letter and this will have the user name and password allowing you access to the members only section. If you don’t know which of the following section you should be in you are welcomed to contact Don Downey.


Medical Providers; If you are a licensed medical provider, Doctor, NP or a PA sign up with Gail Brown

Triage; If you are an RN, EMT, Medical Student or Nursing student or helper with medical background sign up with Beth Diedrich .

Dental; If you are a licensed Dentist or an RDH you will be on the trip list in the dental section. If you are a unlicensed professional such as a dental assistant you will be listed under the “Other Pros” For either of these areas sign up with Denise Johnson .

Interpreter; If you speak Spanish sign up with Bonnie Lassen.

Chiropractic ; If you are a Chiropractor or a Physical Therapist or equivalent sign up with Patricia Henthorn

Pharmacy; If you are a Pharmacist or a Pharmacy tech sign up with Nick Tex.

Pilots; . If you are a pilot sign up with Don Downey If you are a pilot and not flying a plane you will be listed under the “Helper” section

Helper; If you are going as a helper with no medical background sign up with Don Downey. If you have a medical background sign up under “Triage”.