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Don Downey
email: c310DD@aol.com




  Pilot and Aircraft Information Form This form can be completed and submitted on-line via our website and should be completed annually or whenever the pilot changes aircraft.
  Pilots’a Acknowledgement Form All Pilots flying with the Flying must have a current Pilot Acknowledgement on file.  Print/submitt the pdf form provided by the link, sign and mail/submitt it to the Sams at the address printed on the form.
  Guidelines: Pilot Operation at Non-towered airports in Mexico To promote safe aircraft operation, possibly minimize confusion, and provide a little “local knowledge” regarding the dirt strips routinely used for Los Amigos’ flights, we’ve written this brief guide.
  Sam's Mexico Flight Guide Flying into Mexico can be an exciting, rewarding experience.  To help insure that your excursion is both pleasurable and one you wish to repeat, I have constructed this simple brief.... Craig Albright
  Flight Policy and Guidelines All pilots must read this guide prior to operating as PIC on a Flying Samaritans trip
eAPIS Electronic Advance Passenger Information System