Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How much does it cost? You should figure a minimum of $300 with the max about $365
    1. Rooms are $60 per night so if you share you pay one night
    2. Breakfast and lunches at the hotel are $6 - $10
    3. Dinners, Mexican Combinations are about $12 and Sea Food combination and steak can go a little past the $20 mark.
    4. You can figure $35 for the Mexican Visa and exit tax.
    5. The Fuel and landing fees cost sharing are about $180 on the low end to $250 at the top end.
  2. How often do you go? We do our trips once a month starting in October with the last trip of the season in July. August and September we skip due to the adverse weather here in Arizona with the monsoons and the hurricane season in the Baja. Our trips normally cover the 3rd Saturday of the month.
  3. How long are the trips? We leave the Phoenix area Friday morning and return on Sunday. Most of the time expect to be home early afternoon.
  4. Where in Mexico do you go? Our clinics are on the Pacific side of Baja Sur. Our monthly clinic is south west of Loreto at Lopez Mateos. We also do a clinic at Laguna San Ignacio every second or third month. Our normal trip would be to clear into Mexico for customs and immigration at Guaymas, then fly across the sea of Cortez (aka Gulf of California) to Hotel Sernidad in Mulege where we overnight. Saturday morning up about 6:30 (AZ time) have breakfast and then fly the 115 miles to the clinic. Spend the day working then return to Mulege before dark. Home on Sunday.
  5. Is it Safe where you go? Yes, we are using international airports on the main land Mexico and there are soldiers stationed at the dirt strip we land on in Mulege. The statistics put Baja Sur with about the same crime and murder rate as Wyoming or Montana. There are not many people in the Baja, no reason for the Drug Cartel to hang around down there. There is a link to the state department web site on our web site. Check it out.
  6. What is the weather like? How should I dress? The weather in Mulege is much like we have here in the Phoenix area. Keep in mind that most hotels we use don't have heat so some sweats make sleeping more comfortable. At the Clinic we have San Diego weather and the clinic is 20' from the water so a light jacket may be welcomed even in the hot months.
  7. Can I come on a trip even if I don't speak Spanish or am not a Medical or Dental provider? Yes we always have helpers on the trip. But remember even thought all men are created equal when we run short on airplane seats the Interpreters and Medical providers trump the helpers so helpers are first to get left home
  8. Can I bring my spouse? Yes, but your spouse would be classified as a helper and if we run out of seats the helpers get bumped first. If you can't come without your spouse we need to know that for the trip planning.
  9. How do I sign up? You contact your specialty coordinator and tell them that you would like to go on a trip and the month or months that you want to go. They will add you to the trip list.
  10. Do you overnight in any other place? Some time we do overnight in Guaymas or Loreto. The reason we like Mulege is that we walk out of the hotel and our airplanes are parked right in front. We get in and fly to clinic. Both Guaymas and Loreto require a Taxi to and from the airport and then the pilot has to file a flight plan and there are charges for the landing and parking. With the additional fees and taxi it can add $50 to your trip cost.