Becoming a Samaritan

The Flying Samaritans is really about providing needed services to the underserved.  Your financial contributions are greatly appreciated, but the contribution of your professional talent is far more important to those in need.  Because we have no paid positions, we can only provide these needed services when people like you are willing to donate their time and their skills. 


Whether you can provide dental or medical services, serve as an interpreter or can provide transportation with your aircraft, I encourage you to give us a try.  Each monthly trip is just a three day commitment and joining us for just one trip a year can make an important difference. I think once you have been on a clinic trip with us you want to come back again because of the satisfaction of helping those in need and the positive dynamic of the dedicated volunteers in our organization.


If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me  or look under the ‘Contact’ tab and then ‘Coordinators’ to make contact with the coordinator of your specialty.  I hope you’ll join us soon!


Dennis Gerlach

President – Phoenix Chapter

Flying Samaritans Arizona